Character Designs

The character above is Professor Rufus, designed for an educational game for teacher training.


Above are the Rottini cousins: three gangsters developed for a personal project.



Above, consumer zombies designs for “Wake Up” game.



Above, characters developed for Codespark Academy, and educational game to teach kids how to code.




The characters above were designed for a personal project about excessive consumerism.




The characters above are part of  the visual development for a “Death Race 1999” game, racing game inspired by the 1970s “Death Race 2000” movie.

















Environment Designs

Here are some of the environment concepts I have developed through the years. The concept above, is an environment designed for a VR project still in progress.


The concept above is a postindustrial environment I developed for a personal project.


Above is an environment for a Virtual Reality experience to help with breath training and relaxation.


Maps and Levels


CodeSpark is a company whose mission is to teach children the principles of Computer Science through play.

The image above is a map I developed to explain the concept of the app to potential investors and partners. It worked. It communicated a fun world full of activities, stories, and players interaction. It differentiated Codespark from their competitors and got them attention.


The mad scientist lab above was developed as an extension pack, also for Codespark Academy. This pack provided kids with a collection of assets to create their own game with a Mad Scientist theme.

The concept above is for an calming environment









Here is a small sample of sketches that I have done through the years. They vary in theme and style. The constant that i believe ties them together is an interest to explore different ways to represent moods, attitudes and personalities.