Portfolio Project Detail

VR Health: Experiences to Help Deal with Chronic and Acute Pain

This is one of the projects that I have really enjoyed working on. I love the potential of VR to make you experience what otherwise seems impossible. Especially when that can have a real positive impact in our life.

I worked for almost 3 years at AppliedVR conceptualizing and prototyping experiences to help people suffering from acute and chronic pain. We used VR to show patients the transformative power of breathing and mindfulness techniques in dealing with pain.



In the pond experience represented above, the environment is transformed from a stormy state to a calm peaceful as the patient is coached to use her breath to relax, mirroring the inner state of the patient and reinforcing a sense of relaxation and mindfulness.

In the experiences represented below, patients saw their own breath restoring devastated environments to full life, and transforming them into magical places.



Below are a couple more examples of the multiple other concepts I developed for breath training sessions, where the patient energizes and restores different environments through the power of their breath.