Portfolio Project Detail

VR Health: Experiences to Help Deal with Chronic and Acute Pain

The immersive attributes of Virtual Reality offer enormous potential to develop experiences that can drive positive behavioral change, improve health, and bring solutions to many problems in healthcare.

In the last 2 and a half years I have worked with Enosis VR and Applied VR creating concepts, art assets, art directing, and contributing game design ideas to multiple VR experiences that use VR and biofeedback to help people suffering from chronic pain, acute pain, and other important issues in healthcare.

The pond environment above was developed for a Virtual Reality experience to help chronic pain patients relax. The environment in the experience is transformed, as the patient relaxes, from a stormy state to a calm peaceful one as shown in the storyboard, to mirror the inner state of the patient and reinforce a sense of relaxation and mindfulness.

Below are some screenshots from a VR application to help people suffering from chronic pain. I art directed the experiences and personally created many of the assets.



Below are a couple of examples of the multiple other concepts I developed for breath training sessions, where the patient energizes and restores different environments through the power of their breath.