Portfolio Project Detail

A Game to Raise Social Awareness: Wake Up

This image is part of a larger project still in development for another start-up company, Insurgent Labs, which creates content to help social change through humor and play.

The image above represents the cover of one of their main products: Wake Up, a mobile game that will let you become aware of the consequences of rampant consumerism and help organizations doing something about it.

Art catches your attention.

Fun and colorful art combined with the seriousness of the topics, catches the attention of potential players.

Fun keeps you a little longer.

The game mechanics are simple and fun, a mix of a 3D platformer and pinball. You control your character by tilting your phone or tablet, and as you try to navigate in a mall you end up hitting props that will make you bounce all over the place and knock down items and store facades.

Story brings meaning and purpose.

As you bounce around and start knocking down props and store facades, you reveal story vignettes and characters that portray social problems caused by rampant consumerism.

Community lets you connect and act.

Inviting friends to play a game level and participating in petitions and events in real life gets you power ups and items to make the experience more fun… and helps spread the word about important issues.

Art, fun and story will combine with a strong sense of community and joining others to create awareness and support social change.



As a creative director and founder of the company, I created the story, characters, environments, and helped develop play ideas that conveyed the main concept of the game: create awareness about social issues through fun irreverent play. I also developed presentations and assets to reach potential investors and partners.

In the game, evil characters are destroying the world for their own benefit.


To get away with it they have converted most of us into consumer zombies who only care about buying more stuff.


You are an awaken zombie that has joined a small group of rebels trying to stop the destruction by waking up zombies to the consequences of their mindless consumerism: pollution, deforestation, human right abuses, etc.



The game is a 3D platformer, where you go through a multilevel mall and knock down store facades to uncover the ugly reality behind them.



As part of the game, the player can buy power ups, special animations and other items to make the game experience more fun. Part of the money spent goes to organizations fighting the consequences of rampant consumerism.


Character Development


Here are some more examples of character design and the 3D models developed for the game:





The pig above and the zombie and girl underneath were the 3 main characters for the mobile game Wake Up, where you (the rebel girl) are trying to wake up consumer zombies at a mall without being caught by the pig guard.



3D Modeling by Richard Edwards. Texturing and modeling final pass by Felipe Lara.


Brand Design


For the Wake Up game project, I also designed a store banner and consumer products to extend the brand beyond the game. You can see some examples of consumer products below:




All Art by Felipe Lara.

Property of Insurgent Labs.