Portfolio Project Detail

A Game to Raise Social Awareness: Wake Up

Wake Up is a game, still in development, to create awareness about consumerism and other social issues through humor and play. 

In the game, the world is populated by consumer zombies who only care about buying more stuff, ignoring the the consequences of their mindless consumerism: pollution, deforestation, human right abuses, etc. Your goal is to wake up as many zombies as you can to the consequences of their acts without getting arrested for disrupting the public order.


The game is a 3D platformer, where you go through a multilevel mall  waking up as many zombies as you can without getting arrested by the cops.


Below are some preliminary 3D character models, as well as their front and side views







3D Modeling by Richard Edwards and Felipe Lara. Texturing by Felipe Lara.


All Art by Felipe Lara.

Property of Insurgent Labs.