Portfolio Project Detail

An MMO for Tweens: Pirates of the Caribbean Online

I worked as an Art Director for Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

It is important to notice that we had a lot of technical restrictions for the project in terms of poly count and texture space, and we could not use any special lighting or mapping. The results were very good for the limitations we had. Here are some more examples of the work we did:








Character Modeling and Design.


I was always closely involved with the design and modeling of characters for the game.

Here’s some more examples of the concept design work I did for Pirates of the Caribbean Online:



Here are some examples of the 3D characters we developed. As an art director, I did not do all the modeling and texturing, but I did the final pass on all the character models:





UI Design

As an Art Director for Pirates of the Caribbean Online, I pushed my team to develop user interfaces that incorporated story and fun to the game. The UI looked like it was made out of petrified sea creatures and sunken ship parts. Here are some other examples:





Art by Disney’s VR Studio Art team. Art Direction Felipe Lara

Property of The Walt Disney Company.