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More UI Design

The role of UI is to empower the player/user and make her feel in control of the experience. It is about functionality and it is also about helping the player feel immersed in the experience.

Below are a couple of examples where the UI not only let you accomplish the goals of the game, but also helped you immerse deeper in the experience through storytelling.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online


For Pirates of the Caribbean Online the UI looked like it was made out of petrified sea creatures and sunken ship parts:





Virtual Reality Ride


For this VR ride, we went further into making the UI help you immersed in the environment, you no longer interact with buttons, but with objects that are part of the experience:



Location Based MMO for Social Change


For this location based MMO the UI was influenced by revolutionary iconography from the 1930s. It is also important to keep the UI minimal and consistent with the release platform, in this case mobile phones:





Here are a couple more examples of UI concepts for games and apps: